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Welcome to Star Bright Cleaning!
Star Bright Cleaning Services is a provider of professional, reliable and cost effective residential cleaning services in the Dallas, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Midlothian and HEB area.
We specialize in residential cleaning services for homes, apartments move in move out, churches, model homes, and much more. We are very meticulous about cleaning and will assure that each of our customer receive the highest quality of service every time.
Customer satisfaction is our top goal, we ensure that each residence is impeccably clean and our customer sees the value in the services provided.
Customer Satisfaction
High Standards
Why Use Star Bright Cleaning?
Customer Satisfaction – Customer Satisfaction is our goal and passion, we are not doing our job if you are not satisfied! Our cleaners use a very detail checklist ensuring the highest level of quality cleaning services. If you are not satisfied we will
return next day and clean it again, we welcome feedback and suggestions.
High Standards – Star Bright Cleaning is conducted with the utmost integrity and in a spirit of excellence. We use top cleaning products and materials such as microfiber cloth, mop, and mitts and have adopted the CORE cleaning
method. We have set very high standards for our work, how our business is conducted and will ensure that our clients receive superb services.
Affordability – We will tailor a cleaning program that is suitable to each client’s needs and budget. Whether it’s a onetime clean, daily, weekly or monthly service, it will be professional reliable service that is cost effective and will suit your budget.
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For more information on our affordable cleaning services, please request a free quote. Or feel free to call us at 972-215-6585 . We will be happy to help you.